My Approach

Therapy Differently

Therapy differently provides emotional and mental health support to individuals who are facing challenges, who would like to be listened to or work towards a specific goal. It is a soft therapeutic approach that allies diverse evidence-based and humanistic techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Problem Solving, Clinical Hypnosis.

1. Collaboration & Teamwork
You and I are a team working towards the same project.
2. Evidence Based, Clinical, Humanistic & Multimodal Approach
It is common that several therapeutic techniques or strategies are
used during a treatment:
Cognitive Behavioural Interventions – Relaxation Methods 
Problem Solving – Clinical Hypnosis – Desensitisation 
Cognitive Insight & Restructuring – Imaginal Exposure Therapy 
Solution Focused Approach – Assertiveness Training 
Mindfulness & Acceptance 
and much more
3. Comprehension & Psycho-Education
It is important that you understand What we are doing; How it is 
working and Why it is beneficial.
5. Each client is Unique
My sessions are fully tailored to your needs & wants.
Some clients want to work on a specific issue or goal,
therefore a treatment plan will be put discussed.
Others just need a moment for themselves.
6. Creativity & Flexibility
Because every client is unique, each session is tailored to your
language and preferences. Whether we are at my office or at the 
beach; your health, wellbeing, potential, comfort and growth are at
the heart of the therapy I provide.
Together we can:
Work towards a specific goal. Talk. Go for a Walk. 
Learn New Helpful Skills. Rehearse and Role play. 
Problem Solve & Action Plan. Use Music and Dance. 
Practise Relaxation in nature.Discuss while having Tea.

My Diploma & Certificate

Level 4 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy – UK 

Accredited Member of ACCPH – UK 

(Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) 


It is my duty as your therapist to constantly expand my knowledge and develop my skills through personal work, studies, research and trainings.


Ongoing education is an important part of my work so hold on to that section as more qualifications are on the way!

Therapy Differently makes room for creativity and freedom
Therapy Differently is about tailoring each session to the needs of my client
Therapy Differently focuses on the well-being and comfort of my clients
Therapy Differently can be used to target a specific issue and/or goal
Therapy Differently can also be used as a ‘safe space’ moment

Therapy Differently is about flexibility